Tourism and the Web of Things?

When Massimiliano Ventimiglia (aka. Max, from H-art), first asked me to give a keynote at the BTO (Buy Tourism Online) 2011 conference, I was rather puzzled: what can the Web of Things bring to tourism? What innovation can we fuel in this rather distant field?

Well, after several brainstorming sessions with the crew at Evrythng, we had so many application ideas that I had to filter most of them in order not to overload the talk!

Not convinced? Well then make sure you watch the video below (I’m starting, in English, at 5:58:00 but if you understand Italian make sure to listen to the other talks in the session!):

Watch live streaming video from expomeetinghq at

or at least have a look at the slides:

Any other ideas of how we could contribute to Tourism 3.0? Let us know below 😉

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