Cookie Time!

A side effect of running the Web of Things blog is to get a daily number of “request for articles” (i.e., requests for free advertisement on your blog of my product). Most of them are totally completely and entirely unrelated to the Web of Things (and Vlad has a pretty interesting standard reply-mail for these ;-P) but once in a while you get a little pearl that is definitely worth talking about. We got two of those lately: one being rather serious, the other being awesomely delicious! Let me share the latter with you today and keep the other for later on.

When Johannes Schoening (a good research friend of mine) first mailed me about the project, I had to laugh for half an hour (before starting to wonder what kind of drugs he was on). But then he sent me a package, containing a sample of his invention: the first, Web-connected (ok, through a proxy but still) …. cookies! The idea is so simple, but just so nice: a box, full of ingredients for cooking cookies and containing some eatable QRCodes. These standard codes are resolved to a URL than can then be redirected to any online content through the QKies Website (German only, sorry about that!). Can you think of any better way to invite your friends to your next party or of announcing some happy event to your best (geeky) friends?

QKies – sag’s mit Keksen from r3 media on Vimeo.

Besides being a neat little product there is also one important thing we can learn from it: simplicity is the way to go forward to slowly but steadily bring the Web of Things to the masses! Big up Johannes 🙂