Sharing Using Social Networks in a Composable Web of Things

A few weeks ago I posted about a project we currently work on for sharing web-enabled things using social networks. During WoT 2010 (which I’ll wrap up here soon!) I had the chance to present it and got quite a good feedback.

People where mainly wondering about the scalability of such a system. If an access controller such as SAC was to be implemented for every “thing” how would that scale? We discussed its deployment on platforms such as Google Appengine which are highly scalable. We also talked about distributed versions of SAC.

People also had concerns about the “user-friendliness” of the approach. While using social networks instead of classical Access Control Lists seemed one step towards the right direction people mentioned the importance of being able to share with clusters of people rather than single persons. A feature which is probably going to be supported by most social network APIs sooner or later.

Last but not least we talked about the Social Network Standards. Researchers in the audience all agreed in one voice that OpenSocial was the way forward. Let’s just hope Facebook and Twitter will eventually join…

Anyway, thanks for the good feedback WoT 2010 crowd!
You’ll find the slides below and some more WoT 2010 slides by searching for WoT 2010 on Slideshare.

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