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Towards the WOT Manifesto 3,691

Towards the WOT Manifesto

I’m taking a couple of days off in Romania, to chill out and reorganize my brain. We’ve been so busy working with Dom lately that we barely had time for WOT, and even less for getting our work done. Mainly tons of papers, meetings, talks, and barely no time to hack/code, and that kind of sucks. We both agreed that in the coming months, we’ll cut off random unproductive activities, to really focus on our work and building the Web of Things. I’ve notice that all the people I talk to not really understand what WOT is about, and for...

David Culler Part 2 2,085

David Culler Part 2

David started with the introduction of the early visions for the internet of the future, with tons of real devices integrated to it. It was commonly argued that the classical OSI layers were to disappear in the area of WSN, because very optimized applications, fully customized for particular purpose were necessary. David argues that this view was wrong, because with recent IPv6 full stacks on devices (I’m thinking of the ones in TinyOs and Contiki) one could extend directly the Internet on devices, without requiring protocol translating bridges. Which rocks, coz gateways will become just routers. With this implemented, WSN...

David E. Culler, UC Berkley on RESTful Sensor Networks 3,814

David E. Culler, UC Berkley on RESTful Sensor Networks

Today, Vlad and I had the chance of taking part to a talk from David E. Culler from UC Berkley, one of the main TinyOS contributors. While Vlad is going to summarize the talk a bit later here, I’d like to talk a bit more about the end of the talk. One one of his slides he had a figure of what he would like to see implemented on WSNs at the node level. Besides a comprehensive IPV6lowpan (aka 6lowpan) stack he mentioned an implementation of HTTP and, moreover, a web server! The next slide was about sense making and...