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Hackathon and planning

As Dom recently mentioned, we are not abandoning WoT, on the contrary, we are currently planning our next move after our graduation in the next few months (most likely in the entrepreneurial world, so if you have plans/offers/funding/ideas, we’re all ears and evaluating how we can best leverage our WoT know how). But until then, we’re both just damn busy writing our dissertation 🙁 and preparing WoT 2011 workshop 🙂


Webofthings.com Gets a Small Lifting

You might have noticed that the blog got a small lifting lately. This post is just meant to draw your attention on the three new sections of the blog: Events: if you want to meet the WoT community, these are the places to be! We list there the latest workshops, conferences and hack-camps we organize, like the upcoming WoT 2011 Projects: we are currently in a heavy let’s-open-source-everything-we-have phase. Thus, expect to find more projects there soon. We already list two of them. Publications: this is where you can find our common publications, ranging from scientific papers to book-chapters, presentations...