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Hello I’m WebKit, a Browser: Serve Me… XML Please! 0

Hello I’m WebKit, a Browser: Serve Me… XML Please!

Warning: this is an extremely technical post! But since this bug drove me nuts for a little while, I do have to expose it to the WoT community 😉 Finalizing the open-sourcing of our framework for making RFID tags part of the Web (more about that here!), I was testing it the whole day on various browsers. Firefox, fine! Opera, fine! IE, fine! Chrome, what the heck is that page!? As you might know, a resource in REST is not bound to a format (or representation as they call it). Rather, a well-done RESTful API should be able to serve...

Java and the Web of Things 3

Java and the Web of Things

Coming back from Jazoon, a conference that some people see as the European version of Java One. Since this conference is for me a nice concentrate of what’s coming in the Java/OO/Business software world, I wanted to report a little on what I’ve seen there and what this implies/offers in a Web of Things context. Let’s be modular As last year, modularity was a BIG keyword. The Java community has acknowledged the success of OSGi and is looking for a somewhat closer integration of these concepts. The Language Support for Modular Programming (JSR 294) will be part of Java 7...