keynotes // WoT 2012 - third international workshop on the web of things

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the tenth international conference on pervasive computing, newcastle, uk, june 18-22, 2012

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"Think of a Facebook for things − individual things with unique online profiles, like we all have, to update, share and add to. EVRYTHNG is a new software company providing these Active Digital Identity profiles for any physical object."

"openPICUS is Internet freedom for your things, control and communication for electronic devices. A standalone hardware and software platform for embedded applications to interact via web, email or messages with simple sensors or complex electronic equipment"

"Koubachi revolutionizes the way objects and things in your household are communicating with you. Our mission is to identify the potential of Smart Objects and create new possibilities of use, new services, and a simpler yet more powerful user experience. In short, we want to simplify your life!"