hackathon // WoT 2013 - 4th international workshop on the web of things

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the 2013 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp 2013) in zurich, switzerland, september 8-12, 2013.

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We are organizing a Web of Things Hackathon as a technical warm-up for WoT 2013 on Sunday, September 8 2013. The WoT Hackathon is free of charge and free to attend for anyone who is interested. Please use the form below to register.

All prototypes built during the WoT Hackathon will be show-cased during the demonstration session of WoT 2013 on September 9 2013.


Sunday September 8 2013, 10am until 5pm (read: open ended).


Colab Space Zurich. Zentralstrasse 37, 8003 Zurich.


In this hackathon, we propose to think, discuss, create, play, hack, and build real stuff. We will start with a bunch of embedded devices and other electronic things (sensors, robots, urban screens, toasters, etc.) provided by our partners and we'll ask participants to put them on social networks, to explore how to share them, make them talk to each other, secure them, and see what happens and what can be done.
  1. embedded devices, sensor networks, consumer electronics - i.e. anything physical that is programmable (or at least hackable)
  2. their integration with the Web (how to access share them, their APIs, the data they generate, how we can integrate them in social, etc)
  3. the "so what?" of 1. + 2., why we want to put devices on the web, how to do it, and how to build apps upon them.


We intend to put in the same room developers/coders, hardware hackers, and interactive designers that will brainstorm on simple projects that can be done in 1 day (and night...) that combine programmable electronics, Web APIs, and social networks along with funny technologies and standards (activity streams, HTML5, OAuth, Facebook connect) and we'll explore what it means to "publicize objects". The actual topics that each project will emphasize (from "how to share devices with friends", to how to "secure access to private electronic appliances", to "social networks for objects", how "to fast prototype social networks on mobile phones" etc.) is of course free for each team to decide.


To make this happen we are also looking for sponsors that would like to give us access and help with their (startup?) APIs, or devices, or even tech expertise. Interested to bring some devices or sponsorship? Mail us!


Because the most interesting projects will be demoed at the WoT 2013 workshop, and the best one will even receive a gift. And because it's free and great and there's sponsored beer!!

what next?

We are looking for great participants to take part in out hackathon (which means you’ll get your hands quite dirty, not just hang out and get free pizza).
If you're still interested, register below.

If you're not clear, or have some any request/question (or would like to bring some toys or friends, help us in any way, or just come and hack), just send us a mail.