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The Web of Things has a Book!

In 2007, Vlad and I were working at SAP Research on a European project called “SOCRADES” (disclaimer: vintage video content inside, remember this was 2007 :)). The goal of that project was to create a service layer for the Internet of Things. In short it was all about integrating real-world Things to applications so that the media gap between, say, real-world sensors and ERP applications would be drastically reduced. The idea was sound, really sound. The approach we used much less… We started looking at WS-* (aka big Web Services, or SOAP WS) services and pushing them down to devices....


First WoT W3C Interest Group Face to Face Meeting

Note: although this is a summary of the ideas and discussions I was involved in at the WoT W3C IG meeting these are my views and they may not necessarily reflect the views of the W3C WoT IG.   A couple of weeks ago we had the chance to participate to the first face to face meeting of the W3C WoT (Web of Things) Interest Group (IG). We were reporting a little while back about the foundation of this group which was officially kicked off recently with a first face 2 face meeting that took place in Munich. This group is...


WoT 2014: Where WoT People Meet…

“How do you distinguish a WoT thing from a mere IoT thing? Try talking client-side JavaScript to it, if it just stares at you like you used some kind of an unknown language then this isn’t a WoT thing…” If you did smile while reading this then you surely are a good candidate for joining the annual WoT community meeting aka, the Fifth International Workshop on the Web of Things! The Workshop is turning 5 years old so it was only right to go back to the roots and collocate with the International Conference on the Internet of Things (IoT...


EVRYTHNG at ICWE 2014: Tutorial on the Web of Things

On the 1st of July, EVRYTHNG had the pleasure of lecturing a tutorial on the Web of Things at the 14th International Conference of Web Engineering (ICWE); celebrated in Toulouse this year. ICWE is the yearly pinnacle of international conference’s with regards to the different aspects of designing, building and using Web applications. An audience of more than 20 people from different institutions attended the tutorial, where the architecture of the Web of Things was presented, as well as our vision on the Web of Things. In addition to this, we demonstrated our implementation and different use cases based on...


WoT proud to be a part of the inaugural Hackfest at IoT Week London

As part of London’s IoT Week 2014 there will be a three day Hackfest taking place and Web of Things, along with partners of the European Project COMPOSE are proud to announce that we will be organizing one of the challenges: inviting enthusiasts to bring their ideas along and build their prototypes utilizing cutting edge platforms provided by numerous sponsors and European Projects.


eBay’s IoT Collections: Smart Fussball Table

It’s time again for an eBay Internet of Things Collection recipe. This time we’ll be looking at a nice challenge we tackled at the last Web of Things Hackathon – the Smart Fussball Table! This yearly hackathon (stay tuned for the next one – advertised soon) is always focusing on a challenge that involves real world objects and their connectivity not only to the the Internet but also to the Web. In short it is always about having things talking to each other and humans based on Web protocols and tools.

Introducing the first W3C Web of Things Workshop 978

Introducing the first W3C Web of Things Workshop

A short post to draw your attention on a significant upcoming milestone: the first W3C organized workshop on the Web of Things will take place in Germany on June 25 and 26, 2014. As many of you probably know together with great researchers and practitioners around the globe we’ve been running our own Web of Things workshops, promoting the use of Web standards as the application layer for the IoT, for the last 5 years now. True! However, what’s special about this particular workshop is the fact that it was ignited by the W3C itself. Having a discussion about the...


WoT eBay Collections Series Launch: EMF Smog Box

And so it’s time for the second instalment of our Internet of Things Collections blog series for eBay: the EMF Smog Box! This episode is basically a deep-dive into one of my pet projects we released a little while ago: the Ondes Visible project. The basic concept of this project is quite simple: making electro magnetic fields (aka EMFs) visible! EMFs surround us day and night. Some are generated by natural elements such as the Sun or the stars, others however are created by humans – mostly through the use of wireless technologies. EMFs are invisible but scientists are not...


It’s the Fourth International Workshop on the Web of Things!

We’re happy to confirm that WoT 2013 is going to take place on September 9th in Zurich, collocated with the UbiComp 2013 conference! This time, it’s going to be jointly organized by ETH Zurich (Simon), EVRYTHNG Ltd. (Vlad & Dom), and the World Wide Web consortium (Dave) – and we’ll be supported by program committee members from all around the world. As for the last three editions of the workshop, there will also be a WoT-Hackathon (on Sep. 8th) – and we’ll have an open demonstration session for all workshop participants, so get your projects, papers, prototypes, APIs and ideas...