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Building the Web of Things Book 3

Building the Web of Things Book

Get the book Get the WoT hardware kit + book from Pi Supply (Worldwide) Get the book from Manning.com Get the book from Amazon.com Get the book from Amazon UK Book resources Source code as zip Book Errata (and other edits) or via GitHub using: git clone –recursive git@github.com:webofthings/wot-book.git WoT book Raspberry Pi image Book forum Links from the book Shopping list Overview The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot conversation topic. Analysts call it a disruptive technology. Competing standards and technologies are appearing daily, and there are no tangible signs of a single protocol that will enable all devices, services,...


WoT 2014: Where WoT People Meet…

“How do you distinguish a WoT thing from a mere IoT thing? Try talking client-side JavaScript to it, if it just stares at you like you used some kind of an unknown language then this isn’t a WoT thing…” If you did smile while reading this then you surely are a good candidate for joining the annual WoT community meeting aka, the Fifth International Workshop on the Web of Things! The Workshop is turning 5 years old so it was only right to go back to the roots and collocate with the International Conference on the Internet of Things (IoT...


Thread Group: Q & A

After a recent comment request from the press on the news that The Thread Group have announced a new protocol for connected devices in the home, I thought this would be a good opportunity to share some of the insights we pulled together for the piece. The format of the Press comment was a simple Q & A, and went as followed: