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the tenth international conference on pervasive computing, newcastle, uk, june 18-22, 2012

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WoT 2012 - Third International Workshop on the Web of Things

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The Web of Things is about extending the Internet of Things concept beyond the connection of things and considering issues like heterogeneity, scalability, and usability with respect to pervasive computing. It is seen as the next logical step in the evolution towards global networks of sensors and actuators, enabling new applications and providing new opportunities. The goal of this initiative is to reuse the architectural principles that made the Web successful and apply them to the interaction with smart devices, thereby making them first-class citizens of the Web. While most pervasive computing applications assume a homogeneous and centrally managed infrastructure that is tailored to support a specific application scenario, the approach taken by the Web of Things is to look at the problems and research issues that emerge when considering the interaction of heterogeneous devices within composite applications.
Continuing the successful Web of Things workshop series, this workshop aims at further exploring the use of technologies and principles at the core of the Web to provide methods for a seamless integration of physical devices. In particular, our goal is to foster discussion on systems towards a real-time Web of Things and the discovery, search, and composition of services provided by Web-enabled things. The "Web of Things" workshop solicits contributions in all areas related to the Web of Things, and we invite application designers to think beyond sensor networks and Web applications, and to imagine, design, build, evaluate and share their thoughts and visions on what the future of the Web and networked devices will be.


This third international workshop on the Web of Things (WoT 2012) will be held in conjunction with the tenth international conference on pervasive computing (Pervasive 2012) in newcastle, uk, june 18-22, 2012.